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sell or trade.

The longer you hold the more you accumulate and the more you earn, unlocking prizes for redemption.

As your bag goes up, the larger rewards & exclusive experiences you can unlock. Simply holding $WAXM, you automatically unlock Discord server channels with exclusive giveaways.

Prizes include free tickets to shows, sample packs, exclusive tracks & remixes, Ableton sessions, plugins discounts + much more.

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Redeem your $WAXM

Want a 1:1 call with Wax? How about going to a festival with Wax for a day $WAXM can be redeemed for really dope experiences.

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how to buy

step 1

Create a Rally.io account
or login with your twitch account.

Register Rally.io

step 2

Purchase $WAXM coins with USD
or with RLY at Rally.io.

Purchase $WAXM

step 3

Hold, sell, trade
or redeem for $WAXM unlocks.

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